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Rob Kloots, Managing Director & Founder of CSF

tba, Vice President of Sales

 Rob Kloots

Managing Director and 
& Founder of CSF



Mr. Kloots brings to RiskWatch more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and engineering in information technology.

Mr. Kloots has a strong security and management background, managing technical security organizations for large corporations such as Aegon, Banksys, Banque Cantonale du Valais BT, EBS, GTS, ING Barings, Salomon Brothers, VersaTel.

Prior to 1996...

Mr. Kloots started his career as a junior information analyst at the Philips Consumer Electronics Head-Quarter in Eindhoven. He then worked for a small commercial body-shop organisation, before accepting a pioneering pre-sales two year assignment for Excelerator Software on location of IBM La Hulpe during the AD/Cycle marketing campaign.

Mr. Kloots has worked since 1991 as a self-employed adequately performing roles as information engineering consultant, or Internet security consultant and gained amongst others deep understanding of Tickit-ISO 9001 issues, of process improvement issues like CMM, of Security Architecture improvements and ICT Risk Management implementations.

From 1996 onwards ...

From 1996-now, Mr. Kloots started CSF in 1996 to provide web enabled three-tier database solutions based on object technology to a market that only wanted brochure-like websites. One of the offered specialisms was a Geographical Information Systems capability on top of this three-tier solution, before database giants like Oracle could provide this functionality.

From 1997 onwards Mr Kloots used his then gained understanding in security issues to provide services for firewalling and secure network infrastructure issues, including VPN, PKI, LDAP, etc., etc..

Acknowledging the point-solution character of most technology providers, Mr. Kloots started to develop a management approach to Information Security, Business Continuity, Corporate Governance and Enterprisewide Risk Management , culminating in the current portfolio of solutions and services.

Mr. Kloots holds a B.A. degree in Computer Science from Haagse Hogeschool Den Haag. and a degree in "Business Management".