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Sunday, 15 May 2011 16:24

Risk permeates all aspects of business. Understanding, quantifying and responding to risk separates the merely competent companies from the high-performance market makers. Anitian’s risk assessment services are based on a scientific and rational approach to risk assessment. Anitian leverages exhaustive technical, business and regulatory knowledge to deliver practical and reasonable risk analysis.

CSF bv offers two Risk Assessment services:

  • Compliance Risk Assessment
    This service focuses on delivering risk assessment services specifically for compliance with key standards such as PCI and more.
  • General Business Risk Assessment
    This service is for businesses looking for a general information security risk analysis.

Some of the key elements of CSF bv’s Risk Assessment Services include:

  • Facilitated Discussions
    CSF bv’s seasoned and experienced risk analysts conduct frank, honest and relevant facilitated discussions. The focus is always on the real threats and risks to an organization and its operation.
  • Inventory
    CSF bv will conduct a thorough inventory of systems, applications, data and processes to determine the true nature of risk in each environment.
  • NIST 800-30 Framework
    CSF bv leverages NIST 800-30 Risk Management Guide for Information Technology Systems as a framework for all risk management projects.
  • Threat Profiles & Risk Scoring
    CSF bv ’s vast knowledge of information systems and the threats that affect those systems allow each consultant to develop sound threat profiles and risk scores that address all aspects of risk including physical, technical, procedural and external threats.
  • Practical, Pragmatic Approach to Risk Analysis
    CSF bv focuses efforts on the risks that present a probable and likely threat to each business. This approach renders an analysis that is grounded in the operational realities of the business.