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Sunday, 15 May 2011 16:19

Cloud computing and application outsourcing is currently one of the most discussed topics among IT leaders and engineers. Cloud computing offers numerous business and operational efficiencies that deliver measurable value to any organization. Cloud computing, however, is also is fraught with security and operational risks.

CSF bv’s Cloud Computing Security Assessment is the ideal way to evaluate cloud solutions and obtain an unbiased and honest evaluation of all solutions being considered.CSF bv ’s proven analysis methodology examines the ten primary areas for cloud computing risk:

  1. User access, provisioning, control, and management
  2. Regulatory compliance issues
  3. Data security and integrity
  4. Data, account, and network segregation
  5. Security operations, management, and monitoring
  6. Data forensics and investigation assistance
  7. Data recovery and retention
  8. Communication protocol security
  9. Service level agreements
  10. Business stability and long-term viability

Some of the key elements of CSF bv’s Cloud Computing Assessment include:

  • Solution Evaluation
    CSF bv analysts will review the cloud solutions under consideration and evaluate how well the solution suits the business needs and what security controls are in use.
  • Research and Interviews
    CSF bv will interview representatives from each cloud solution under consideration and research how the provider manages risk and security.
  • Technical Analysis
    CSF bv will analyze the technologies, infrastructure, design, and operational practices of the cloud computing solution against best practices for hosting providers. Anitian will specifically look for any deficiencies that pose a real and credible threat to the business, and what benefits migrating solutions to the cloud can offer.
  • Threat Profiles and Risk Scoring
    CSF bv will define, score and analyze each of the key risks and threats that are relevant to the cloud solutions under consideration.
  • Honest, Objective, and Unbiased Reporting and Recommendations
    CSF bv delivers an objective and unbiased opinion on the security implications of migrating to a cloud computing solution. This data will help ensure an informed decision based on credible, evidence-supported analysis.
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