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Written by Webmaster Rob   
Sunday, 15 May 2011 16:31

Part of building secure applications is testing and evaluating the integrity and security of the source code and relevant components. CSF bv has decades of software development and security experience to help analyze and secure applications.

CSF bv's methodology goes beyond what automated tools or scanners perform. CSF bv works side-by-side with developers to analyze the entire application and its environment, looking beyond the code to consider the underlying architecture, hosting platform and middleware and backend database connections.

Features of Anitian’s Code Review Services:

  • World-Class Testing Capabilities
    CSF bv uses a sophisticated and powerful application testing infrastructure that leverages a massive repository of commercial, open source, clandestine and custom hacking and testing tools.
  • Risk Modeling
    CSF bv analyzes applications using widely accepted frameworks for risk and threat modeling. CSF bv assesses issues based on the risks they present to the application, data and operations. This offers a clear, objective view of the issues.
  • Realistic and Pragmatic
    CSF bv focuses on the most probable threats to each system, not wasting time with outlandish, exotic or impossible scenarios that might sound exciting, but in reality have almost no chance of ever really happening.
  • Understanding of Infrastructure
    As a security integrator, Anitian's in-depth insight into the weaknesses and strengths of modern systems and networks allows for a more intelligent testing process.
  • Flexible platform support
    CSF bv can work with many different platforms including C/C++/C#, .NET, Perl, PHP, C, Java and more. CSF bv also has extensive experience with database systems, specifically SQL Server, Oracle and DB2.


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